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Hello and Thanks! Newbie in the making?

First and foremost, I hope this finds everyone well and equally, a thank you for all the great info found here!

Certified car crazy and have and still work in the automotive industry for almost 25yrs.

Short Version:

I am in the initial stages of looking into getting a Chesil Speedster build started. While I am relatively ok with turning a wrench, I don't have the room to build my own so should I decide to pull the trigger I will go for the turn key option.  

It's my understanding that Chesil is the best one can get in the UK hence going this route. Factory visit/tour booked for the 23rd!

Long Version

Cars have been a massive part of my personal and professional life.  I am Canadian born and raised and worked with almost every OEM in the US and Canada before taking a job at VW in Germany.  A few years later I was offered an opportunity in the UK and did another move. The last 9 years have seen me running car configurators and currently doing this for Bentley.

Shortly after arriving in the UK I realised I was smack in the middle of the most fantastic country side and the hunt for a weekend car started.  Happy to share more info on how I got to where I did, but settled on a Morgan 4/4 and was lucky to snag an 80th Anniversary Edition.  Seeing as I work within vehicle commissioning I wanted a brand that would allow me to do this.  A Bentley was way too out of my budget!

The whole commissioning experience was beyond amazing and being able to pop into the factory at key stages to see my build was fantastic. I even got to sign the ash frame! (chassis is metal by the way )

I've done the same with a Porsche 718 GTS bar visiting the factory and the Porsche seed is duly planted.  I've always lusted over Porsche and more so the vintage side.

Having been to the NEC Classic Motor Show and spending time around a few replica Speedsters, I thought it's time to think seriously about pulling the trigger.  

The 356 would take the place of the Morgan and some big shoes to fill. While I know there isn't as much coachwork involved in a 356, the quality of what work is in place is paramount.  The Morgan is viewed as a 'kit' by those who don't know the brand but if you do, it's not.  

A very interesting video showing an 80th being built. Morgan 4/4 80th

For a longer video which nails what drew me to Morgan : Morgan and Balvenie

Part of me is hoping to be unimpressed with my upcoming visit lol but truth be told, I am already busy deciding on my spec. Truly hope the visit goes well and the car in the flesh and the factory tick all the boxes.  

The Morgan, while based on tech that is 100 years old, has been beyond reliable.  The engine is a simple ford unit and a Mazda MX-5 gearbox, but suspension, body construction etc is Edwardian at best hehe

Should there be anyone in Cheshire with a Chesil, I would love to meet up! Or any input on Chesil would be greatly appreciated.   I've read most of what's on here but there hasn't been much on Chesil lately.  

Apologies for my long winded intro! A few pics of Oliver during and after build.  

Thanks for reading,




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