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Reply to "Hello and Thanks! Newbie in the making?"

@CurbKiller HI!  And welcome to our Madness!

You can do a search for other site members near you (even near Cheshire!) by using the member search function:

1.  Click on "Members" in the black menu line at the top of the page

2.  Over on the right side, find and click on "Advanced Member Search"

3.  Scroll down a bit and click on "Search By Geographical Data (Postal Code and Country)..."

4.  Choose your country, enter your postal code and choose a radius to search from you.

5.  Skip the "Member of Role" ('cuz I don't even know what that means....)

6.  choose between "List" or Map" at the arrow on the right of the Show Results drop down.

7.  Hold your breath and hit "Search" to see the results.  

There are a few UK Speedster folks on here, kind of scattered around, so someone may show up near you.  Try different search parameters as I never seem to get it to work properly on the first try or two.

Good luck, and I'm in the "Keep the Morgan" camp.  That car is gorgeous!