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Reply to "High altitude move - stumbling"

Alright... so I finally got that jet out. It's a 50. Can I just mention how friggin hard it is to access these?! haha. It felt like I was a surgeon, and there's another one on the back carb too?? and then both sides?! good lord. I do have a love/hate relationship with these sorts of challenges.

Okay, so I need to get a bit of advice on next steps:

I put a carb cleaner in the fuel and that did not make a difference. It still runs rough and when I accelerate it struggles to the point where I put the clutch in and save it from dying... then it goes back to idling normally. It's weird... it's like as I give it more gas when it's in gear it starts to feel like it's not getting enough. (or maybe too much?!)

It definitely has a fuel smell when I park it (more than normal) -- would you recommend adjusting the fuel mixture? Should I change out the idle jets? and/or the main jets? If so, to what size do you guys recommend?

I can understand the love affair with these as it makes driving it worth it so much more appreciated!

Everything was running perfectly before and parked it and it had just been serviced... so I'm at a loss here. When I parked it I had a friend start it every few weeks and I did put fuel stabilizer in the tank.

I just want to drive her as the weather is getting better and better!!

Any help would be appreciated. I'm in Calgary, Canada if there anyone else here!