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Reply to "How Bout this color on a Spyder ?"

aircooled posted:

Green is my favorite color. The forest green or British green do look pretty good on the Spyder.  Thanks for posting those pics..................Bruce

I’m a big fan of green as well (obviously).  That said, I am more of a fan of a period-correct green for the Spyder, like a Auratium Green or a Stone Grey (which I feel has green undertones)  I think these colors could look great on a Spyder, especially with white meatballs on the doors  

my favorite color on the Spyder is the blue of @arajani and @edsnova  followed closely by the silver.  I recently say a Spyder in primer and actually loved the muted grey as well.  If I ever built a Spyder and it wasn’t blue, I’d definitely do it matte grey or aluminum  



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