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Reply to "How do you make it rain in California?... buy a speedster."

GREAT MOTHER OF GOD! The pile of parts that arrived today...


So, AJ came through. He has a 14 day guarantee that he will deliver. He delivered in 15. I'm not going to break  his balls over a day.


Currently sitting on my work bench:

New tuned Dual 40mm Kadron carbs

Dual carb Linkage
Compufire Electronic ignition

SVDA Distributor (some sort of custom mapping?... snake oil... whatevs!)

Complete new SCAT 36hp engine tin (all of it...)

Fuel pressure regulator

New Sierra madre rubber gaskets for the hood handle

New Sierra madre hood emblem

New Sierra madre side "Speedster" emblems

New Sierra madre front and rear PORSCHE emblems

New Sierra madre rear decklid Grill

New Sierra madre rear decklid Grill gasket

New mirror gasket

New Sierra madre rear 1600 emblem

New fuel hose

New engine tin screws

New tie rod ends (x4)


Some other stuff I'm forgetting...


Here is the punch line - I leave Monday for a week long work trip, then I return and I'm heading on vacation with the family for a week!?


Schwarz Frau will be all alone in the garage for 2 weeks!!?  It hardly seems right.


Hopefully I'll get the motor pulled this weekend so can start to tear it apart before I leave for two weeks.  





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