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Reply to "How do you make it rain in California?... buy a speedster."

Hey Ed,


Thanks for the kind words. I've ordered a replacement exhaust, carbs, and distributor. I may even replace the dog house shroud for a 36hp dog house without heat ducts not sure yet. As Troy asked earlier, Heat is a really nice luxury.


Here are some photos from the night the car arrived and over the past week:




Cleaning up the paint:


Lots of orange peel:


Took 'er out for a drive last night:





I really need to raise the front end up. I tried, but the avis adjusters are at the full 'up' position. The front suspension has 0 travel. If I push 'down' on the front fender there is 0 play. If I jack the car up the there is a ton of down ward travel in the arms.  I'm wondering if the PO removed some springs up front? of if maybe it was put together incorrectly?


Any ideas?


Thanks for letting me share,


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