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Reply to "How do you make it rain in California?... buy a speedster."

Originally Posted by Carl Berry CT.:

Ted, When you figure out what (and how) to replace that VC lid hinge latch pin with let me know!


It's been a topic (with multiple suggestions) on this forum before but I've misplaced my notes on the least complicated solutions!....What I'm hoping for is someone who's found junk yard 'click-up click-down' hinges off anything that can be adapted.


My friend and fellow SOC'er, Juan Gonzalez, found a pair of OEM 356 hinges...but those things now are as rare as hen's teeth and priced their weight in gold!...There's got to be a simple, inexpensive, unobtrusive alternative that just hasn't been recognized yet!  

Hey Carl and Art,


I admit, I haven't investigated this in any stretch yet. I will say that the blue car with the orange empi's that I looked at in Santa Cruz had an interesting home grown solution on the front bonnet. I wonder if I still have a photo of the front hinge? The new owner of the car is on this site now (he's looking for a new hard top.)  He should be able to provide photo of what the previous owner engineered for that hinge. If my memory serves right, I bet it could be adapted here. 


The only other thing I was thinking was some sort of spring loaded button that pops into a hole in the hinge bracket when you raise the lid up. To close it, you simply push the button in and lower the boot.


I'll have to keep chewing on this a bit.


Art - provide photos of the hinges you have. Maybe we can 'engineer' something on the fly. There are a ton of really smart guys on this site.