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Reply to "How do you make it rain in California?... buy a speedster."

Ted - the standard EMPI VW tow bar is too wide for towing our Speedster. Basically, here are the mods I made to tow my VS;


1. Cut & narrowed standard VW tow bar width by 8 inches (to fit between front torsion braces).

2. Extended tow bar by 24" to allow more space between towing vehicle and Speedster.

3. Modified hitch with a 10" rise to allow for ride height of tow hitch and ease entry/exit angles on driveways.

4. Added cross-member brace to stiffen the tow bar and minimize flex. Not shown in pic is perpendicular brace welded forward of torsion bar attachments and at rear base of x-member.


Hopefully these pics will demonstrate these mods for you.


...Tow bar narrowed by 8" and extended by 24". Increased rise for hitch up 10"...



...fabricated tow lights on 36" aluminum stock tubing, and attach to my luggage rack...



...and run the wiring under the convertible top (or tonneau), up through the opening for the trunk hinges, and out the front of the trunk lid...



...I cannot see the VS behind us when towing so I fabricated antennae for that purpose. 



...another shot of modified height of tow hitch. I also use a 4" drop hitch) to compensate for height difference between the two vehicles.


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