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Reply to "How do you make it rain in California?... buy a speedster."

Originally Posted by MusbJim - '14 VS SoCal:

Oh! OK! Hang on Ted, the sh*ts about to get REAL...



Twin Turbo 911


Twin turbo K-5 911 

Oh... it's gonna be like that huh?


I'm pulling the motor and trans asap. Maybe this weekend? The trans needs to head up north for a rebuild. They are about 3-4 weeks back logged.I can't install a new motor with mo' powah if the trans isn't up to it.


Anyone know where I can get Swing Axle trans side plate stiffeners? Does Gene Berg make them? The trans builder asked me to source them. I haven't been able to find anything.


FWIW - I think I can see a snow ball forming on the horizion. First it's the trans. While the trans is out, might as well do a kaffer bar and rear disks. Oh, since that's all out, might as well clean up the underside/rear of the car. Now that that's all taken care of, need to install an external oil cooler. Now we can't put a bigger motor in there without a breather box set up...  and it just keeps rolling.


Next thing you know, I'm that guy with a 'project speedster' in his garage that never gets done.  Maybe I sell it now and get out while I'm still ahead?



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