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Day 30 - Things look hopeless. Decided to clean up the carcass a bit.


The first shot shows how the frame horns looked after I removed the engine and trans. The frame horns were CAKED with years of grime and grease. The surrounding area is littered with nuts, bolts, discarded tools and surgical gloves. 




The second shot shows the same area after I a good cleaning.




The final shots are after cleaned everything with a good detergent and hit it with some high temp primer and paint. In hindsight I wish I had used Satin or Matte Black.







Sorry for the horrible image quality. Cellphone camera in low light.


Today I will install the Kafer bar (most of it...) need to leave two bars off until the trans is back in place.


Then I need to clean up the wiring loom. Can't wait to get rid of the old drum set up. New e-brake cables and rear disks will really clean up the area.


Oh, some of you will notice that I still have the rather long and gangly full length fuel tube. Should shorten it down closer to the frame horns and run some fuel hose instead of that gnarly crooked tube? I saw Teby's set up and it looks a lot more sanitary.

Thanks for checking in,


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