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Reply to "How do you make it rain in California?... buy a speedster."

Yesterday I took the time to install a new fuel pump, distributor, the type 4 oil cooler, and the valve covers on the 1915. Maybe this week I'll get started on the rear disks.


I read Troy's thread on rear Disks. A common theme was that I needed to update my master cylinder to a 'big bore' unit. I have a second unit that came with the front disks. Does anyone know what part number I should be looking to install?


The Kafer bar is from Kevin at CoolRydes. It is a Mendeola unit. Super easy to install. Very high quality. Overkill for my motor, but that's why they call it madness.


I have considered adding dynamat to the rear seat area. My carpet isn't in the best shape. It's original CMC carpet from the early  90's. It's due to be replaced this winter. Once I pull the carpet I'll install the dynamat in the cabin area. I was talking with Anthony a little over a month ago about adding dynamat to the tin/fiberglass that engine surrounds the engine bay. The thinking would be to install a heat barrier to knock the engine bay temps down a bit. The A1 puts off a lot of  heat and it rises straight into the engine bay. I look forward to seeing if I can correct some of that.


I'm going to call Ken Porter today and see if he's going to have the trans completed this week. I'm hoping that he didn't have any unexpected surprises.





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