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Reply to "How do you make it rain in California?... buy a speedster."

Drove the car to the office today. Sure is great to drive it again. Pulled the carbs apart to check for crud in the jets. All ship shape. Pulled the tops off. All clean.

Can't figure out whats causing this crappy miss under hard acceleration / under power. 

I will check the floats: 1533614621990107481146915336147064261681872516

 So each of these photos above has the float arm just touching the spring loaded BB.  One is 20mm at the edge of the furthest  float. The other is 22.

FULL droop is 28 on one 30mm on the other,  plus the gasket 


9mm inside / 11mm outer side (closest to my thumb)


9.5 / 9.5

This is all voodoo to me. Thoughs?



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  • 15336146219901074811469
  • 15336147064261681872516
  • 15336149274171329116234
  • 15336149835231970273577
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