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Reply to "How Much Is It Costing You to Refuel Your Speedster"

@edsnova posted:

The Europeans pay taxes and get services in return. In the case of fuel taxes, one benefit is viable mass transit. Crazy system they got over there, I know!


One other thing. The cars Europeans drive (generally) get great fuel mileage. I rented an Opel station wagon in Paris (2017) and drove over 2,000 miles at 75 miles per gallon. The price of fuel was about 1.45 Euro per liter ($7.80/gallon).

I guess they would import those cars here if anyone wanted them.

When your country is 500 miles border to border you don't have far to go. The once good 'ol US of A that distance is 3,000 miles East to West.

We rely on cars and trucks for our basic needs. Not much rail service over the entire country. Europe is spider webbed with rail.

Prior to 1974 the major oil companies capped our wells and bought oil from the Arabs. Fast forward to 2020; US was the largest oil producing country in the world. Gotta ask yourself how gasoline went from $1.50 (here in the Old South) to $3.25 in less than a year?

What I can't figure out is why the people support things that are obviously contrary to their own best interest.

Got to buy gas today. Yesterday it was $2.99.

My Z4 averages 25mpg. Right now the cost to drive 2,000 miles is about equal to the European trip of 2017.