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Reply to "If $ Were No Object"

For me, it would be a toss-up:

Between a 1954 Hudson Commodore Convertible - Keep the frame but replace the engine with an engine and 6-speed auto from a later Vette and run a Jag independent rear end.  Spiff the interior and add A/C and a color contrasting convertible top.


If not that, then I kinda like the Bugatti Atlantic clones I've seen (both of them) and while they are pretty, I just don't know....  Either this (same 'Vette Upgrades):

Bugatti Atlantic

Or maybe a Delahaye, brought up to a present drivetrain:


Yeah.......  The Dalahaye would prob'ly be my Fave.

Even if they just handled "OK" (and you know I wouldn't stand for that and improve the suspension if necessary), they would be worth having just to look at them!


Images (3)
  • Hudson
  • Bugatti Atlantic
  • Delahaye