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Reply to "Rocker Arm Geometry"

I got after the geometry today. Webcam 86b and Berg 1.45:1 forged lifters. Lift is 0.551" at the valve. CB CNC 044 Super-Pro 45x37.5 heads and port-matched manifolds. CR 9.8:1, 82 stroke x 94 bore. Chambers are flycut to 58cc, 2276cc should be a screamer on Weber 44 IDF in a Spyder.

Just need to cut the pushrods, my adjustable pushrod is set to the correct length.

The contact pattern on the lash cap is perfect even though the picture doesn't show well. I used dry erase marker this time.


Full lift:


Zero lift:


Two threads above the locknut and two threads underneath. Rocker is tangent to pushrod and valve at half-travel. I forgot to take the half-lift pic.

Also the cam card verified with degree wheel and dial indicator.


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