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Jack Points for CMC

Sorry to ask a question for which there are no shortage of threads, but I came away from those threads not 100% clear about the spots for my particular car, so I figured I'd make it stupid simple for myself with these photos.

For the rear, it's at the torsion tube highlighted in purple, right?  And I think the green portion would also work?

For the front, it's at the center point of the torsion tube highlighted in yellow, right?  And I'm assuming at only either driver passenger side would also work for changing a tire?

Lastly, it's generally advised to include something like a flat wood block to protect the jack point?  I'm assuming not 100% necessary but good for taking great care of your car.

I did all the mech work using ramps, and now realizing I wouldn't know how to change a tire, yikes!

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