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Reply to "Jumpy Speedo"

awesome guidance provided above... remove, replace and grease is the way to go.  I experienced similar issues in 2013, and after much much tinkering... a new cable did the trick.  (a kink in the old cable could not be massaged or greased out).

@Impala   Before you buy a new cable, measure the one you have before making a purchase. 

My 2013 Vintage Speedster came with a super beetle 1390 mm cable.  But there are cars out there with stock beetle cable lenthgs, which are shorter.  1390mm is the way to go!!!

Stock Beetle 52-57 = 1265mm
Stock beetle 58-74 = 1235mm
Super beetle 71-74 = 1390mm ( the way to go)

NOTE- SIDE PROJECT.. if you have been considering moving your speedo gauge to the right hand position in the instrument cluster ( vs the left where VS installs it) this is the time!!!  (some folks like to do this),  then you will need to consider a longer cable. 

three commonly used lengths:

- Bus-  50-67 = 2070 mm ( too long in my opinion)

- Beetle right hand drive 65-77 = 1530mm

- Beetle right hand drive 57-65 = 1590mm (harder to find- always out of stock.)

I used a 1530 mm cable that is for a right hand drive VW. (purchased from Cip1. It works but the 1590mm would have been perfect.

hope this helps