Reply to "Jumpy Speedo"

surprisingly I have done it twice now... both

- speedo cable replacement- first to replace my damaged 1390mm for a new
one, and then to put the longer 1530mm

- AND... moving the speedo to the right, and then back to the left. (
HONESTLY... for the driving I do I prefer having the warning lights + temp
and fuel on the right... centered with my regular line of sight when
driving. I don't use the speedo much for speed reference.... i mainly look
at my RPMs.

i am electrical system challenged... the exercise was relatively easy...
but took 3x as long as I though it would.

- i took tons of pictures before unplugging anything.
- then labeled each cable and where it connected on the back of the gauge
with tape. ( used colored pens to identify hot, ground... and a # for each
wire/connector. each connector/cable got a matching number.
- then took more pictures - with all the labels.
- then unplugged.
- then used tape to bunddle each gauges wiring before moving all the
required wiring from left to right, and right to left. I wanted to move
all the cables together... as a single unit... I was afraid a wire would
get lost in the web if wires during the 10inch road trip and never to find
its home again.

- then I plugged each connector by matching the tape color/numbers on the
cable to the tape/# on the back of the gauges- connectors

-... I didn't have any issues with wiring lengths... I had enough length
for each cable.. I got lucky I guess.

it did take time time time and patience. the first time I played with the
wiring it took three weekends of patience. But it all went back together.
This is when I also changed the gauge light bulbs to LED, and ran my high
temp warning wiring to one of the idiot lights in the temp/fuel gauge.
(previously unused by VS).

my rule of thumb for project planning with my car.... if I think it will
take me three hours to complete a project, I set aside 3 days... because I
know I'm dense and will be surprised by something I didn't plan for. ;-)

good times!!!

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