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Reply to "Just bought a "barn-find" CMC kit"


I will build a solid wooden wheel around the metal ring out of layered Jatoba and maple, with a matching custom horn ring. I plan on turning Jatoba and maple to make matching knobs as well.

Art- Yup, the muffler is from Vintage (Taiwan) and the custom pipes cost me an extra $100. The valance will be cut, not the pipes!

I bought 175 Yokohama tires and Vintage 190 rims. 5 1/2" rims did not work, but the replacement 4 1/2" rims (with the same tires) fit perfectly. And yes, both sides were equally too-tight. Apparently swing axle would have worked with the 5 1/2" rims, but I have an IRS rear suspension. Thanks to Greg at Vintage for the hassle-free exchange. I will attach photos....

I am now installing the driver's seat and waiting for a steering column from Greg, and I will take the first spin before I get any further down this construction highway. By the way, this construction highway is traveling at a crawl....

Anybody have trouble with the rear hatch upside-down bedpan tray hitting the motor dog house? Another fun new problem to solve....






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