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I don't mind that those things exist - especially if they keep the company afloat.

And that's precisely what they do.

A quick Google for 2020 US P-car sales shows 911, Boxster, and Cayman numbers combined about 12,000 'units'. (In corporate speak, they're all just 'units'.)

All other P-branded vehicles for 2020 - 44,000 units. Compared to the little, two-door cars, that's a lot of units.

I wonder if the marketing types don't think they have to keep making the sports cars to keep up the brand image so they can keep on selling what's now the company's bread and butter.

Frankly, they're missing out on yet another untapped US market segment. All they have to do is update this 1958 model, pop in a turbo flat six, and they'd have a lock on the off-road performance market:



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