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Just Saying Hi... Again...

Since I have been talking about it, might as well start "another" build thread

I thought the title was fitting, but I will defer to Theron if he wants me to change it or relocate this new build thread since I don't consider myself a NOOB anymore

As of now, I told Greg I'd like to bring the chassis home to start building by September 1st. In the meantime, I have been looking for some photos to see if anything stands out. Can my fellow SOC'rs help by posting some on this thread??

Current build thoughts:

  • Vintage Motorcars 1955 Pre A Coupe body (clean shaven: no bumpers, no side molding, no emblems... just the basic lights, license plate light shine down, beehive rear lights, horn grill, headlights... that's it)
  • VW shortened chassis (or tube frame if Greg can get it done in time)
  • Carrera White exterior (a must)
  • Red Leather interior (a must)
  • Grey German Square weave carpet (not sure?)
  • Black Vintage 190's all around (4.5 inch rim as a spare in the trunk - black) (a must)
  • 2110cc Vintage Motorcars engine (he did goo d on the last one, so I'll get another one), A1 exhaust (center exit - or custom route through bumper holes since I won't have bumpers)
  • 3.88 Freeway flyer trans (NO, I AM NOT DOING A 5 SPEED! LOL!)


This will be an OUTLAW. I did a classic build. Now, I want an outlaw coupe. Lowered (maybe on bags) and loud as hell!

I will be building this myself, as I did my Speedster, but will be sourcing must parts through Greg. Like I did before, I plan to get some stuff from all the Vendors - it's the nice thing to do

Let the Coupe build BEGIN! ! ! !

It's all part of the madness, right?

(PS - First set of photos are not a 1955, but highlight the the white paint with black rims I like - thank you @MusbJim. The second set of photos show a true 1955 Pre A - imagine the same interior, but in red and exterior without bumpers. The third set is the famous outlaw by Emory (spelling?) - I like the little touches he did.


Images (27)
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_006
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_007
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_008
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_009
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_011
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_013
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_014
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_018
  • prsphoto_porsche_356_outlaw_timelessgarage_06052017_web_urban_020
  • IMG_9938
  • IMG_9939
  • IMG_9940
  • IMG_9942
  • IMG_9943
  • IMG_9944
  • IMG_9945
  • IMG_9946
  • IMG_9948
  • IMG_9949
  • IMG_9950
  • IMG_9951
  • Porsche 356 Emory Outlaw 1959 (1)
  • Porsche 356 Emory Outlaw 1959 (2)
  • Porsche 356 Emory Outlaw 1959 (3)
  • Porsche 356 Emory Outlaw 1959 (4)
  • Porsche 356 Emory Outlaw 1959 (5)
  • Porsche 356 Emory Outlaw 1959 (17)
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