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Reply to "Just Saying Hi... Again..."

Here's a few pics of my build/modifications on the engine I'm thinking of putting in Whitewalker.

This was one of my daily drivers several years ago.

Wait for it... wait for it...

It's an FA20 engine with a Jackson Racing Supercharger (Rotrex) kit. EcuTek tuned on 91 oct. CARB legal too. This little Scion (now Toyota 86) was a beast to drive! Toyota and Subaru got together and made this. It's basically a Subaru engine. Toyota only did minor stuff to it during the collaboration. It's smaller in size then the EJ20 (I believe). Stock puts out about 205hp. With the C38 kit, I was putting out about 285hp and 216tq on 91 CA oct (which is piss gas)..

I still need to figure some stuff out, specifically, engine management and if it can be stand alone... etc... The FA20 engines are SUPER easy to work on and pretty darn reliable IMO. Plus, I get Toyota parts at company cost so that helps...


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