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01637898-D0F1-4F93-95D7-CDEC6E679D73DEC67B7F-17E8-4C30-AAEE-5A7238E54367BA7A54C9-53C8-48DC-AFDD-864D441B153F1C784918-8605-4A96-8B92-F2401409711BF9B50B6D-36D4-4FAF-BB23-3DD893CBEEA5F4C1B483-DFBA-49DF-8E54-A3999FAA0995It’s been to long, but I do lurk on the site from time to time. I‘ve been tracking @arajani build. Like him, I work in Healthcare and this year has been a little sideways to say the least.

Thought I’d share a few pics. I got her shoes on and moved her outside since I am finally getting the garage finished up. Once that is done... yes I’ve said this before... I’ll get to work on finishing this thing!!!

In the meantime, enjoy the pics of the first time she has been outdoors with tires on next to my daily and Eleanor... LOL!


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  • 01637898-D0F1-4F93-95D7-CDEC6E679D73
  • DEC67B7F-17E8-4C30-AAEE-5A7238E54367
  • BA7A54C9-53C8-48DC-AFDD-864D441B153F
  • 1C784918-8605-4A96-8B92-F2401409711B
  • F9B50B6D-36D4-4FAF-BB23-3DD893CBEEA5
  • F4C1B483-DFBA-49DF-8E54-A3999FAA0995