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Chris Kleber, KitMan Motors,LLC posted:

Well, let me clear up any mysteries.  I own Kitzkrieg rights , I am the solo owner  ,now. Keeping the website up for now but will soon change it to   Parted ways with previous partner, AC.  Reformed is as KitMan Motors, LLC.  I retain all of the molds and been investing in refining the chassis, new subchassis, and molds.

The fiberglass bodies bolt on to the subchassis, ( no bonding), Coupe and Speedster bodies have the back seat bonded in with metal inserts in the rocker panels, door frames and A pillars so that the hinges go to into metal on both sides.   The Chassis and SubChassis fit both the Speedster and the Coupe.  LHD and RHD are available. Working on making custom Coupe door window frames and 1/4 windows out fo stainless steel. I will have a tube chassis for both models in about a month.  Finishing touches are being worked out.

The Spyder development is "on Hold" as I have a few other projects to complete first. I have a TIG welded 550 chassis that is a LC ( long Cockpit) model that lengthens the seating cockpit 5.5 inches and preserves the rest of the look front and back of the Spyder.  ( Need to CAD scan the body and chassis at SEMA garage first)

My Green Coupe is about to lose its " Garage Queen" status and finally be done after 2 years and many mechanics being involved.  Why is it these "projects" take forever ( but are awesome when finished??)

I just retired February from my 37 year "day job" as a dentist and have more time and money to play with.  KitMan Motors is my focus now and plan to be out at some Southern California events along with Jonathan my "#1 guy " in my business. 

If you want to reach us directly, we will  gladly  answer any other inquiries.

Jonathan  (858)663-3718

Chris   ( 619)88908337     kitmanmotors.c@gmail

I hope this clears up any mysteries...  Moving Forward in a 356A  way!!

Vroom, Vroom,

Chris Kleber

Chris, Double check your phone #