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Reply to "Lane's Beck Super Coupe #3"

Bob: IM S6 posted:


You want holes in the body?

Calling ALB....

David Stroud IM Roadster D posted:

But don't forget, shipping such an animal can be a risky task at the best of times. Some prefer to have a reliable long distance driver do the right thing and drive it straight from the builder to your home. I know of such a person with some time on his hands and will do it for a plane ticket. Have beer Will Travel.........

Lane Anderson posted:

Bob, I think Al focuses on metal holes.  I’ll leave the fiberglass ones to Carey.😬

Oh, and thanks for the generous offer, Dave, but I think we have this covered. 😂


I can do them in fiberglass. Just haven't had any reason far  

You really should seriously consider Dave's offer; I hear he's very good at this sort of thing. And someone will need to be in the right seat to keep Dave on course (and to open beer). I'm available...