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Reply to "Lane's Beck Super Coupe #3"

For you "Newbies" in here, Lane's car being built at the Carlisle show, 2006.  AFAIK, this was the only car ever built at the Carlisle Kit Car Show to this level.  14 "builders" from the SOC, 16 hours, lotsa swears, one happy customer:


Speedster build 007


Speedster build 025


Speedster build 129

The awesome build team (a few more guys were elsewhere).  Any of you who want to meet Carey from Special Editions, he's in there, but help me out, guys, left to right:

Bill Drayer, Greg ?, Gordon Nichols, Rocky Cimbrec, Tom Buchanan? (or is that "Schu"?), Bruce Stumpp, Guy in back ??, Chris Nichols, Carey Hines, Danny Piperato, Karl Macklin, Lane in the driver's seat.  I know we're missing 4 or 5 people here.



Images (4)
  • Speedster build 007
  • Speedster build 025
  • Speedster build 129
  • buildteam
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