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Reply to "Lane's Beck Super Coupe #3"

@Lane Anderson wrote- "...a few pieces back from power coat".

@Michael McKelvey wrote- "I want to know more about the power coat stuff."

@edsnova wrote- "Power coat" is a spray-on engine performance enhancement product formerly advertised in the waning pages of Hot Rod Magazine and the JC Whitney catalogue." 

@Sacto Mitch wrote- "In the good old days, VS used it to create their famous '1915cc' motor.  They'd just spray it on a 1600."

@Gordon Nichols wrote- "If it had been power-coated in black, the increase would be 15-25hp.  Gray always gives less of a boost"

Unfortunately the p0rn industry got hold of Power Coat and, although it took a while, it was taken off the market after too many adverse reactions.

To be fair to all that have that engine, The so called 1915cc engine Kirk sold ran great.  Drove it from IL to the TN mountain's without any issues. The little carbs never needed tinkering.  Just don't try to flex your muscles when the Honda Civic pulls next to you  

@Sacto Mitch posted:


Marty, that right there is probably why you have a turbo Suby today.

You never forget the humiliation of being dusted by a Civic.


On a (slightly) more serious note- a 1915 with stock heads and 34mm Ict's is a great combo; all the power would be in by 5,000 rpm or so, as the carbs are only capable of just over 90 hp.  And as Marty said, pretty reliable, as once adjusted, the carbs are pretty much "set 'em and forget 'em".

And I agree with Mitch, only when the challenge is from a stock Civic I think the humiliation is even greater backing down, knowing you'll lose if you play...

A Civic SI (203 hp, sport suspension, 225 mm tires and close ratio 6 speed manual trans) is quite the fun car- my son has 1 (it's a 2012) but won't let me drive it any more.  He keeps going on about scaring the crap out of both him and the salesman during the test drive. I just wanted to know what it could do.  Afterwards the guy wouldn't let me test drive the Civic Type R (another 80? 90? hp- now that would have been a fun car!) they had on the lot; something about wanting to live long enough to see dinner. No sense of adventure, I tell you... 

Later- back to bed Yoda now goes

PS- almost forgot what I started typing for- 

                  Lane, the car looks awesome!!!

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