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Reply to "Lane's Beck Super Coupe #3"

The latest from the frazzled but ever so productive Mr. Hines:

"Trans had a bad reverse light switch, and access to it is blocked by both the shifter and header, so we ordered a new one, swapped it out and then did final install on the shifter.  We’ll be starting exhaust next week.  I had a local metal fab guy come out and look at what we talked about re” exhaust tips and we’ve got a plan for it.  Once I get the twin tips routed, he’ll fab up some surrounds.
Mike has been working on wiring.
Doors are on the bench still but windows are installed and fully functional.  We’ll just make some minor tweaks to the angle of the frames to aid in best possible sealing, once the doors are hung.
The RF remote relay came in and we’re working on integrating it to control the driver’s window.  Almost done with that as well."

And a few pictures.  Looks like a may have started a color trend.

Engine cover 1Latest progress 5FEB 1Latest progress 5FEB 2Latest progress 5FEB 3Latest progress 5FEB 4Latest progress 5FEB 6


Images (6)
  • Engine cover 1
  • Latest progress 5FEB 1
  • Latest progress 5FEB 2
  • Latest progress 5FEB 3
  • Latest progress 5FEB 4
  • Latest progress 5FEB 6