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Reply to "Lane's Beck Super Coupe #3"

Deja Vu all over again.....

Back when I started in Computer storage systems, Engineering built the first two prototypes, (because they take a LOT of effort to build at that stage - Right, @chines1?  Just like building cars!)  

I worked with a few people in manufacturing (one was a Porsche 930 guy) to develop their new product start-up abilities and after a couple of projects (2 years) they took over the prototype and pre-production builds (and did a much better job of it, too.  Engineering builds were notorious for questionable build quality).  

Early pre-production units went out the door as "Beta" and later ones as Pre-Production" systems, usually shipped free and those special, up-front customers paid for them when they later accepted them after a long test period (they all did).  

That was when someone decided that it was somehow important to know proto/pre-prod from production systems (we don't want to ship a "used" system out as "new") so we started putting special badging on the Engineering systems to find them easily.  I have a couple badges in my work archives - Kind of like replacing "CMC" badging (bottom) with "Porsche" badging (top).


To explain the image on the right, just above, that is the Goddess Anath (sometimes spelled Anat), Western Semitic Goddess of Love and War, standing on the head of a lion.  It was also the internal code-name for that product line.  She was/is not a Goddess to be messed with.....


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