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Reply to "Lane's Beck Super Coupe #3"

La la la la la - I’m not listening - la la la la!

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Hey.  Those wheels are one of a kind - actually, four of a kind - so no one better dis me by hocking my look.

I will be eternally grateful for my bud Mitch for that design.  What more could a speedster owner want?

Subtlety supreme...

@freshair1 posted:

To Sacto Mitch: Do those wheels come in pink ? Asking for a friend.

Ok, that really cracked me up!

One of the things that makes this a truly great forum is how quickly things can go off track and fly way past left field.  I frequent the FJ Cruiser forum daily as well and I'm constantly amazed at how little it takes before a moderator is warning someone to 'keep it on topic'.  The number of posts in older threads by different 'banned members' is astounding- I've never read so many posts by so many different people who no longer frequent that forum, and I'm guessing it only takes a few warnings and you've gotten the boot.  Well, except for a couple of continuing 'anything goes' threads where people can let loose, but even in those I've seen someone told that 'this isn't appropriate here (and I'm thinking you've gotta be kidding- the mods would go nuts over on SOC!).

Oh- I just wanted to say that the car's looking pretty great Lane!  Al