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Reply to "Let there be LIGHT!"

As is my fashion, when I built my "town place", I overcompensated for mistakes I'd made in the past. There's not an incandescent or florescent light in the place, and the quantity is a running joke in my family.

The kitchen/dining/living area is 800 sq ft open. I've got 10 rows of four 6" cans (that's 40 can lights, for those of you keeping track at home), each with a 13W LED retrofit. In addition, there are under/over cabinet lights, and 4 hanging "Edison bulb" fixtures - all LED. It's nuts.


The shop is even more overkill. I've got 40 double 4 ft tube fixtures, mounted end to end on roughly 5 ft centers. Each tube is 2800 lumen, for a total of 224,000 lumen (80x 2800). That's not counting under-cabinet lamps, or bench-lighting. I went so far as to mount LED ribbon lights under shelving. I like it a lot. The joke is that there's enough light to operate on a gnat. But of all the things I don't like about getting older, it's the ability to see things that I miss the most.

Shop Lights

The pictures are distorted by the angle, and the lights are actually closer together than they appear.

I like them a lot. FWIW, the LEDs themselves almost never fail, but the drivers fail a lot more often than the manufacturers act like they will. I'm getting about 5 years on the can-retrofit drivers and about that on the 4 ft tube drivers as well.


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