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Reply to "License Plate lights?"

From the TYP356NE club members:


A 1955 Shine-down:



photo [3)


And a post-'57 changeover shine up light:






And I found this; a car VERY similar to what my older brother had when I was a kid and only added here because I like it:





But you know, I wouldn't get to hung up on shine up or shine down on a replica.  I've seen plenty of things not even close to original that look OK.  Like Bee-hives with a shine up, PLUS a 3-gauge dash rather than 2-gauge, VW dash knobs (not Porsche) and a centered hood handle (most of the pre-A's had the handle off-set by up to 1/4").  


The bottom line?  Don't sweat it......


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