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Reply to "Looking for new build speedster"

@MaxMartens posted:

People confuse crank hp and rear wheel hp. Completely different numbers. Do that Subi dyno sheet at crank numbers and they will be more in line with posted numbers generally seen, ie bigger numbers. Crank number sound better. ...Playing with numbers... just saying. Talk up a motor, use crank numbers... talk down a motor, use RWHP... Got a killer motor?! Show us the RWHP!!

Also, very few here have VW dyno sheets posting their HP, and probably most rated 120 VW HP numbers are crank HP also... Just saying. Same goes for 90 HP numbers, and probably original Porcshe HP ratings... The factory's generally rate at the crank. Aftermarket will put it on a chassis dyno.

But that is ok, enjoy the build and HP you have!

I respectfully disagree. Car guys are definitely smart enough to differentiate between crank readings and wheel/chassis dyno numbers. On a type1 VW trans, you typically lose 15-20%. Here's my engine dyno sheet from Jake in Georgia, before my crankfire ignition, dry sump system, and now EFI. This is on Weber 44 IDF and an 009 dizzy:

XLS Danny T1

So, I've got 138 to 145 hp at the wheels, give or take. In a 1500 pound car.

I still say that 230hp(John Steele) number is BS, and BS shouldn't be repeated.

Anyway, I ain't skeered. And yes, I do enjoy the heck out of my car.



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  • XLS Danny T1
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