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Reply to "Looking to buy a Speedster with a 1640cc engine"

@RayRay19 posted:

Update: there is actually an IM badge on the hinge of the car. PPI showed some stuff that needs fixing (door handle Broken, needs new tires, small oil leak) , but he said the car is in generally good shape. 

Now that this is on the hinge, does that change anything?

I own an Intermeccanica, which I ordered as a coach in 2005. I know what they are all about, but they became something different when they went to the proprietary frame.

Does it change everything to find "Intermeccanica" stamped on the hinge of this car? There was a guy from Australia on here recently who thought it did. He told us he had a vehicle of historical significance, and wanted to obtain a "Certificate of Authenticity" for his replica.

Personally, I'm not convinced it increases the value of the car all that much. It's still a pan based car, without a top or side curtains, with a very small engine and a stock 4-speed. It presents well. If you like it, and you think it's worth $30k, then buy it and be happy.

What we think doesn't have very much relevance here. I suspect you didn't marry your wife because your friends liked her. This is kind of like that.

You clearly want this car. A thing is worth what the buyer and seller agree it is. We've expressed our opinions regarding the value of the car, relative to what others have been selling for. But if you want this one, and are looking for a reason to pull the trigger-- that stamp on the hinge is as good as anything.

I can't give you any more affirmation than that.

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