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Hey....White is GREAT!

Back on January 5'th, 1974, I had just graduated college and was getting married.

BUT!  I was working on a 1946 Ford mild Hot Rod which I had gotten into Primer and sanded out during the fall semester.  I was afraid that if I left it for the winter it would rust through the semi-porous primer I had used.  I decided that, since we were moving 1-1/2 hours from my folks (and the car) the best thing was to paint it pronto and the only day I had was my wedding day.  It's a long story, but it got done by getting up at 4am and getting three coats in before 2pm with an ancient DeVilbiss pressure-gun.  Just around 2pm, my future/still wife arrived to tell me "You better get this damn thing finished or your ass is grass!"   Don't know why she was so excited -  The wedding was at 5pm.  I made it, even though we got 15" of snow between 3pm and 10pm.

It was supposed to be the color of a regular coffee but turned out a little more pink than that (1973 Lincoln Continental "Buff").  Good thing it had a bored .300 over 59A/B stroked flathead, Edelbrock dual-carb intake, Offenhouser heads, full-race cam and a LaSalle transmission - it scooted.  Still, I managed to paint it with only three runs, all of which got sanded out and looked great.  I never painted another whole car.

This was taken the following Autumn after I moved it to our apartment in Springfield, MA. to finish it.  Did the front seat upholstery on my wife's sewing machine while she was off on a business trip.      You can't really see it, but the entire seat was diamond-button-tufted.  The darker seat was the rear seat of a BMW 2002 which fit perfectly and I just covered it with the same stuff.  

The things you do for love.............

Fall 74 Coupe


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