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Reply to "Maui garage find Intermeccanica rebuild"

Took a break from the Bondo and guide coat world. Do you know how long it takes (me)  to design and build a custom engine control unit wiring harness? One whole day. The tricky parts were making sure it was waterproof since the ECU will live in the engine compartment and guessing what functionality I might want to implement in the future (fuel injection, idle/choke control, etc). The ECU supports 40 pin outs but I was able to get away with a 20 pin waterproof Molex connector since I don't plan on ever turbo/super charging the engine. 

Right now, I'm only implementing spark and air/fuel mixture monitoring, so most of today was "just in case."

Marianne and I got married when we were in college and we worked to support ourselves. I worked as a medical prototypes electronics technician so I got to dredge up some 1970s technology and skills. Not a speed demon, obviously.







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