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Reply to "Maui garage find Intermeccanica rebuild"

Tons of progress. Most importantly, the body just got back from the painter and he did a great job. This last week I've been finishing up the tasks that have to be done before the body is bolted to the chassis. Even more important, Marianne decided to help me clean up the 40 year old aluminum pieces that goes under and over the windshield! Several hours later they looked great!!!

The wiring harness for the engine is built, the alternator hookup and circuit breaker is installed, the carburetors have been synchronized and tuned, the floorboards have been painted with POR15 (rust prevention) and bracing for the seatbelt mounts fabricated. Plus, the oil cooling system has been assembled and the new super-sized gas tank has been scrubbed and internally sealed. It's been a busy week with lots of progress!

My son, David inspects the paint job:


Wheeled around to the backyard house of tarp for assembly and lifting onto chassis:

IMG_20190820_121301 [1)IMG_20190820_121337IMG_20190820_121406

Engine tuned, sensor, ECU and ignition module wiring harnesses completed, alternator circuit breaker and charging circuit completed and oil bypass completed for assembly with body:


Floorboards recovered with POR15 (whole chassis has been treated now). Two oblong 3/16" steel reinforcement plates cut and POR15'ed. They sit under the floorboard and the rear seatbolts pass through them. They make me feel good about tying the seatbelts to the seat frames (important so that the seatbelts fit my 5' 11" frame as well as Marianne's 5' 2" (with an updraft) frame):


Marianne decided to find out what all the fun was about and cleaned up the 40 year old windshield frames. They're nice and shiny now!


Finally, cleaned and sealed the new super sized gas tank. What the heck, gave the outside of it a coat of POR15, too. The screen door in the background just rated regular ACE anti rust:


Thanks again to all of you guys for your encouragement, ideas, help and mirthful comments. It's been a full year since we dragged this thing into the backyard and I'm feeling like I can see the finish line.



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