Reply to "Maui garage find Intermeccanica rebuild"

Since I'm rebuilding the engine, what should I consider tweaking while I've got the case split?  I'm just looking for a basic reliable power plant, but won't turn down a few extra ponies or ft/lbs if it makes sense.

Here are the basic specs culled from the ad when I bought it:

1776 cc built on a duel oil relief AJ series case
Engle 110 cam and gear
lightened and balanced connecting rods
69 mm crankshaft
90.5 mm piston and liner set
~ 8:1 compression & 52.5cc chambers
hardened lifters
042 heads
40 mm duel Kadrons
full flow oil pump (30 mm )
chrome moly head studs
case savers

Here are engine pics that might trigger some ideas. I know @ALB will have some thoughts on this.

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