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Reply to "Maui garage find Intermeccanica rebuild"

mppickett posted:

@ALB Hi Al, before I did any adjustments, the wrist pins in grams were, 132.2, 132.6, 132.4 and 134.2. To reduce the weight, I used a small diameter grinding wheel that would fit inside the pin and took material off both sides. 

Speaking of reducing weight, about 15 years ago one of my Pelican forum buddies was converting a 911SC into a 934 relica. He had done a body off pass through the chassis and drivetrain replacing bolts and nuts or cutting them down to the exact length needed to reduce weight. After doing that and some of the other things you described, he got his car under 2000 lbs. My frankenporsche (also a converted SC) weighed in at 2700 lbs to give you a sense of how serious he was.  Just curious, do you know how much your 356 weighs after all of the things you've done to it? 


Hi Mike- The info I've read states that the early (pan) Intermeccanicas  weigh in at 1700-1750 pounds when done. After I'm finished I expect the thing to come in at somewhere around the lower end of those numbers, and if it hit the 1600 lb. class I'd be thrilled. This is, of course, with a functional roll bar on board which will add 75? 85? 95? lbs.

And yeah, getting any 911 into the sub 2,000 lb club is quite the feat! And I know all about shortening bolts to exactly the length needed...

@aircooled- How much work you put into it depends on how high you want to rev it (balance requirements for 5,000 rpm are different than for 6500 rpm), how smooth you want it to be and last (but not least) how anal you are.

@DannyP- I agree with you- with it's condition there was no reason to touch the bottom end, and certainly no reason to question the amount of work that went into the balancing, given the original builder's reputation. Glad to hear it's up and running well! If I make it to Carlisle this year I expect a ride, and you have permission to try to scare me silly!

Yoda out for now (I don't know why write that I do, we all know it's not true!) 

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