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Reply to "Maui garage find Intermeccanica rebuild"

ALB posted The details of the build- I know it has Kadrons. You did a great job on the Hoover mods, btw. 1776? camshaft/rockers? stock valve heads? compression ratio? 

                                           TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!

Thanks, Al. Good info! 

I couldn't get reliable test-to-test data on my vacuum cleaner flow tester so I decided it wasn't worth more effort considering I do heads every 10 years.

On the engine, 1776 cc, dual 40 Kadrons, modified intakes to open up insides and port matching, 8 to 1 compression, W110 cam, 1 to 1 rockers, slightly massaged Mexican 43 heads, Bosch high output ignition module triggered by Speeduino ECU and a CBR 36-1 trigger wheel and hall effect sensor. Just a nice little engine to putt up to the 10,000 foot summit of our volcano and to dodge people distracted by the breaching whales and island views (including tiny bikinis!). 

I got the engine installed today and should try to start it some time tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me.IMG_20200104_124037IMG_20200104_180523


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