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Reply to "Maui garage find Intermeccanica rebuild"

mppickett posted:

@ALB, I've always subscribed to the theory that intake passages on carbureted engines should be be smooth to aid aid flow, but some texture should remain to create turbulence to more completely mix the gas and air. Too much polishing and too much texture is bad so finding a happy medium is what I've always shot for. My cardboard, duct tape, play dough and vacuum cleaner flow bench didn't get shipped out here from Rhode Island - since it didn't work...

Great point about the gasket between the ports!

Anyway, does that make sense? Thanks, everyone!

I agree, Mike, the intakes ports need a little bit of texture and should never be polished. Interesting- you say your vacuum cleaner flow bench didn't work- any details?

Something you may want to consider- before I installed the 'back to the case' brass full flow fitting I spent a little time rounding the corners with a file (sadly, I didn't weigh it before and after, as this was before Bruce filled my head with perverted ideas of lightness), and then after getting it mounted as deep as possible (you need 2 taps, the 2nd cut down to thread deeper into the case) there was very little needed to be done to the under the pulley tin. A little heat, a little hammer work and the sheet metal clears both the fitting, the pulley and no cutting (with no hot pre-heated air able to enter the engine compartment) of tin was required. Btw- that's a full size Berg pulley and you can see nothing hits..

oil fitting clearancedoil fitting clearanced 1oil fitting clearanced- sheet metal

Sorry to hear about your hand- we're at the age where things like this don't heal nearly as fast as they used to! Last June my oldest (he's 20, 5" taller) was chasing me up the stairs (don't remember exactly what I said but I knew if I got caught I was in trouble!). I was givin' it for all it was worth (I really didn't want him to catch me), slipped on the last stair and hyper extended the ring and little fingers on my right hand when I hit the wall. We both ended up on the floor laughing (he was close enough that he tripped over me) with Beth yelling "will you to cut it out! There's too much testosterone around here!".

The 2 knuckles on my hand blew up like a balloon. I'm still feeling it in the ring finger... Al

Sorry, I don't remember the details of the build- I know it has Kadrons. You did a great job on the Hoover mods, btw. 1776? camshaft/rockers? stock valve heads? compression ratio? 

                                           TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!


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  • oil fitting clearanced
  • oil fitting clearanced 1
  • oil fitting clearanced- sheet metal