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Modifying tow bar for my Vintage Speedster...

The topic of tow bars comes up on occasion, so i thought I would post this pictorial tip on how I built the tow-bar for my Vintage Speedster. I will also put this in the 'Knowledge' section.


1. I started with a standard Empi tow-bar I bought at the local VW shop for $75. I don't know how to weld, so I took it to a local welding shop and gave the dimensions shown in the pic below...



2. Here is a pic of the tow-bar on flat surface. The rise for the hitch-ball is 10" to mate the Speedster to our SUV tow-vehicle (with 4" drop hitch to level tow-bar)...



...and attached to tow vehicle (with 4" ground clearance,which hasn't been a problem)...




3. Here is the light-bar set-up I use while towing our VS...

Tow 4


...and attached to our VS luggage rack while in tow... 



4. Here is a modification to use if you don't have a luggage rack (this is the set-up I used to tow Ted Pierson's Speedster)...



...attached in the following manner...

Tow 6


...and then....

Tow 7


...then lower MacGuyver-thingie down to snug position against rear bulkhead (sorry for the the distracting cluttered-garage backdrop in this pic)...

Tow 8

MusbJim - aka; El Guapo, the most guapo hombre in all of SoCal! 


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