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Reply to "Modifying tow bar for my Vintage Speedster..."

Thanks guys, but I actually got the idea a while back from Wild Bill D. I couldn't find his pic so I did this. 


John L - Simple method for the surfboard (I'm ALL ABOUT simplifying things). The board in the pic is a 9' 8" performer with triple fin;


1). I used small toggle bolts (little bolts through a spring-loaded wing) in the ceiling. I used 2 toggles per end spaced 12" apart. I spaced the straps located at front & back of board about 24" from board ends which make for easier insertion of the board.


2) I added a fender washer (wide flat washer with small diameter hole for small bolt) to snug up the bolt head against the dry-wall (or sheet-rock).


3) You know those padded shoulder straps that come with luggage or a briefcase? I used (2) those and attached with cord to the toggle bolts.




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