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Reply to "Monster 2786 Type 4 build"

There is a lot to report other than the election!

I finished the install of the synclink throttle cable system and I love it. The cross bar linkage I had didn't keep the carbs in sync. The sync link is a well made and designed system. The throttle pedal feels smooth and light and the car really drives nicer now. 

I took the Puma on a ride down some twisting country roads today and it was a blast to drive, ripping down the straights and around the curves. This is a fun car!

  Oh, and by the way I just bought the red 87 Puma GTI that is listed on Samba. The owner and I came to an agreeable price and the deal is done. I am now working on logistics to pick the car up. I guess I will now have his and her Puma's, it helps that my wife loves Puma's.

type 4 2.8L sync link assemble 487 Puma GTI 187 Puma GTI Engine 187 Puma GTI interior 1


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  • 87 Puma GTI Engine 1
  • 87 Puma GTI interior 1