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Reply to "Motive one person brake bleeding system"

Hey Gordo, @Gordon Nichols, Oh wise one ... 

I got this off the site and wondered if I should just buy this it would be easier.


Motive Products

Works on most Air Cooled VWs, including Bugs, Buses, and Square Backs and Fast Backs. This kit includes adapter 1104. All bleeders come with a full 1 year warranty. 
Appplication notes:
VW Bus 1950-1967 will use 0100 - 45mm threaded cap
VW Beetle after 1963, bus after 1967 will use 0104 - 27mm inner diameter threaded cap (or check outer diameter of the reservoir neck at 27mm)

If the reservoir neck outer diameter is closer to 25mm you will need the 1110 cap.

Anything with push on caps will use 0101. 

The pump is not a whole lot more expensive that doing it yourself when you have to buy all the stuff from new but the adapters are not cheap...

 I guess I should measure the cap on my car to find out what top fits.  

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