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Reply to "MSW My Steering Wheel"

I can’t say enough good things about the Lempert wheels... and they are typically ~500$.  The Motolita and British knock offs are about +100$..

Attached pics I found in my phone of a few of the wheels I have/ enjoyed these past 5 years.

ISP West- 15”.. with hub and horn ring, around -300$


BANJO FLAT 4- delivered with new car, w/ ISP West hub/ adapter.


Mike lempert- Anads(sp) VDM wheel I had recreated. Picture with Porsche horn ring/ hub adapter.  My favorite... but had mine made in 6 bolt vs 9 bolt...  it’s a piece of art! 


mike lempert- Nardi style- 6 hole, 15’, over ISP West.  COMPARISON.... LEMPERT IS FLAT, iSP has 1” dish.


I add a 3/4” spacer to the Nardi style lempert wheel when installed for driving confort.  Wheel was under 500$.


Car parts discount-15”,  99$... thin, flat wheel.


On the car last summer.., I reinstalled the ISP... the 1” dish works a bit better for me, and i prefer the Porsche horn ring/ no need for spacer to bring the wheel closer to me.




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  • 5C83E8D0-DC80-4FDF-AC74-EFD83BA069F5
  • 7AFA0B3A-DC7A-46B4-BAD0-E64C75B9B5D8
  • 981AF590-7B5D-47F2-8AF2-867AB98AEC6F
  • C007AA15-D17A-4308-977C-0780DE3D0CC7
  • 0929F2CE-69D0-405D-8A83-2EF0CC665999
  • 0BB6DD18-7893-458B-B69B-E7DDF1F3E95E
  • E6805998-6D5C-4BA5-9A4B-4950532624CE
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