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Reply to "My 1971 Karmann Ghia Project"

F1F3F8C1-DDA5-4E78-A8F2-C3D96268F2220587E235-4FD6-4D50-ADD6-14B0EF5D5061B3CE12AB-BD43-426C-A91C-08D999B91C8E42148995-9F9D-4C26-B239-B8F4BE6C5103EA1BD227-17AC-4043-BA1D-709F9C50890424C50A21-02D4-43FE-BF9A-D02CAFCCF9A07294A755-47C3-4108-8C9B-E724214A2B6AE43B02B7-7A4E-4220-AE7D-BCE7316B5AB35103CDD2-C291-4BB9-B143-BBA0FF0B63519BCDF385-5640-4720-8B9E-C3FC805C4F8EFBF09B93-A7E9-49B7-8D47-8D2DB2DDC8D8C2CD8B5A-86DD-43D7-8F6B-79805EA124237B99B3E0-A80E-455A-BCAC-226E8D52ED82Wow, it’s been a hectic month or so around here. First I had to put that stupid t-shirt project to bed. Then I am overseeing my wife’s project in Thailand and getting myself prepared for my upcoming 5 weeks over there. And then there is this little project, which is coming along SUPER!!! I have posting much of the progress on Facebook and then I remember there’s some of you guys that simply don’t go there. In a  nutshell, Scott got the body off, delivered it here to free up room in his tight garage where he has been doing some great quality work. He started taking of all the old suspension and brake stuff and then started getting the front bulkhead assembly welded to the pan. I stopped by one day and started to clean off all the old vw sound and insulation off the tooside of the pan. During that process we realized there was rust on the floor behind the driver seat. There was some fiberglass work on both sides and figured we would eventually see the same on the passenger side. We also decided that day that we would get the pan dipped so we could start on a fresh canvas. Mean while I ordered the two pans while the chassis went iff to the big tank. The pan pieces came in a day or two before the pan was finished last week Friday.

scott then made quick work of repairing the one pan, we got lucky, when we got the nice clean chassis back, only the driver side was hosed, everything else was very nice. Scott had to bang out a corner that must have been caused by catching the jack point on something and bending that pretty good.

I got my new seat covers to an upholsterer so the seats are in the works also, 911 seats if you hadn’t heard. Scott made some nice new brackets to accept the 911 seat rails, then a few more weld spots filling a hole or three.

Yesterday, 3/8 Scott painted the frame. Reassembly, some Dynamatting  etc. will start this coming week. I’ll be shiving off for Thailand on 3/18, burpt Scott will continue to olug away. He is like the Energizer Bunny and I really appreciate his diligence. He sourced a good tranny for me that should be here soon so he can install from the top before the body goes back on.

While all this has been happening, we have decided to have Scott build me a 2276 via CB Performance kit. The obvious exhaust and carbs and...will need to be ordered so Scott can bring ypthis thing to its foregone conclusion. The new engine will hopefully get finished up during the summer and maybe get some fall driving with the new powerplant. In the mean time, Scott will reinstall it so I can get some drive time this summer. I’m still hoping to sell my ‘69 bug to get some cash to help fund this project. Once it’s complete, it’ll be a nice kittle hot rod.

so here’s some photos of the past month or so, maybe not in the proper sequence, but you guys are smart enough to tell which goes where and when.


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  • F1F3F8C1-DDA5-4E78-A8F2-C3D96268F222
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