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Reply to "My 1971 Karmann Ghia Project"

14436A2D-7590-4693-8320-BBA2C9721C04609B23CC-3329-4166-961C-CA8618D86A0A04459A97-C7B5-4706-AA02-06EA5D71E568EA59D0C5-93E0-4674-83DE-0728E3DC3EF880384DD7-5013-4FBF-9FC4-69C3920145F9836EA9DC-FA3C-4C5B-BBC8-9109599007EE6A01DF48-D199-429F-90FB-16C3A75400C336E24D78-FE9D-4215-B691-2B8EE33EB245Wow, it looks like it has been a long time since I updated progress here. I find it a little easier to post a few pix every once in awhile on Facebook. This takes a little more effort. But the effort put out by Scott Hansen has been amazing. 

Way back in March he rolled the chassis out of his shop and the vision was starting to look like reality. Shortly after that he had the body back united with the new chassis by early April. It was already agreed upon that once he got to that point, a hiatus would be necessary for Scott to catch up on some of his own personal work.

So April and May has come and gone, Scott took home a best of show and a best in class for his Speedster, well deserved awards and not surprising, the second year in a row for him and those honors.

Now that we are halfway into June, the attention on my Ghia is back on again. A couple of weeks ago the two of us had an un-boxing party of the 2276 CB Performance engine kit. Scott is now wading into the waters, we are collecting a few items that we have over- looked in the ordering process, but some of the case is now on the stand and real assembly will start ramping up soon.

in addition to all of Scott’s work, I managed to get the 911 seats reupholstered and retreated back into the wheel choice. First, I vapor blasted the EMPI wheels that came with the car, getting rid of the ugly paint job. Those were going to be the wheels for the initial ride, but then common sense kicked in and I found a set of staggered 16” Fuchs in 6” and 7” widths. They were purchased in New Hampshire, delivered back here to Wisconsin by a friend who just happened to be out there saving at least one shipping leg. 

Speaking of shipping, I found a good vendor;

Half the price of FEDEX and the odd thing, you can drop your boxes off at FEDEX, UPS and I think USPS with your preprinted labels from NEX. Why these other shippers can’t deliver at this half-price is a mystery to me. My wheels got out to Anaheim, Al Reed Polishing in 5-6 days. Check them out, I think you can even arrange  for them to pick your package up at your home...I took mine to FEDEX.

So, here’s some photos of the progress, with good luck, it should be on the road sometime this summer yet.



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