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My first breakdown. Advice please

Guys, being an owner of a JPS Subie for about two months and being totally unmechanically inclined, I seek HELP!!

Last night I was out for a ride and was a little heavy on the pedal 🤪. I ended up breaking the accelerator, either the cable or the fasteners/connections. My pedal just sits on the floor and is totally limp  

I found a thread on here back to 2006 where the exact thing happened to someone and some good advice seemed to be to turn the idle way up and drive it that way to the shop.

So first I just found out there are no tow hook holes on the car and the tow truck driver had a flatbed but we had nowhere to connect his hooks to load the car. Luckily I was on a hill and we were able to coast the car on to his bed. But now it’s in my garage and I don’t know how to get it to someone (probably JPS 20 minutes away).

The car is fuel injected and if you could tell me how to get that to run at 2500 RPM idle I think I can get it there. I have no jacks here to get under the car and probably couldn’t fix it myself anyway  

Alternatively, if there is anyone in north San Diego who could come fix it I am willing to pay handsomely.

Also, from the threads I saw, I will need to get someone to install the hardware so that I can safely have the car pulled up on a flatbed should I break down again.

any help and advice from you gurus would be greatly appreciated  


PS when I bought this car my wife said I was nuts. I convinced her that this is a HOBBY, not transportation. I think she’s thinking ‘I told you so!’ But so far she’s only expressed sympathy. Lol  

Also, never in my life have I been broken down, when so many people stopped to tell me what a cool car I had. Lol again.


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