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Reply to "My GT40 replica was hit by a texting driver today."

Here is what happened behind the Marathon sign. The pics show some of the damage to my GT40 replica. It may not look like much but it has put the entire back body out of alignment and created stress fractures not shown in the pictures. The pic looking at the back of the right side wheel is to show that the tie rod end has been broken off. This is the main reason the car had to be towed, the rear wheel is now free to turn in or out almost 90 degrees. The car is modified Fiero in the back and the Fiero used a front wheel drive type transaxle with a longitudinal engine setup. The wheels are locked in place with a stationary tie rod on both sides. Adjusting these is how the alignment is done. I am tempted to repair the tie rod end but know I need to leave it for the insurance people to take care of.

I still haven't gotten the police accident report and nothing will happen until I get it.  I am in a hurry up and wait mode.

GT40 accident 1GT40 accident 2GT40 accident broken tie rodGT40 accident cracked fiberglass at hingeGT40 accident cracked fiberglass left hingeGT40 accident out of alignment body


Images (6)
  • GT40 accident 1
  • GT40 accident 2
  • GT40 accident broken tie rod
  • GT40 accident cracked fiberglass at hinge
  • GT40 accident cracked fiberglass left hinge
  • GT40 accident out of alignment body
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